How firm a mission statement

How firm a mission statement

Has chosen a company for the creation of a mission statement, so the question on the Plan how this can best be done is: the process of Mission statement creation.

Criticism of the models that you would frequently only the “private morality” of executives, constituted, and declare their Moral and value beliefs for organization – wide binding and require. On the other, the suspicion is that they only serve the image to the outside and in the company of everyday life no role “to play, because you arrive at one of the employees”.

Both points of criticism can be defused through the process of Mission statement creation.

Even if the Initiative for the creation of a mission statement from the Top Management, the employees and may need to be representatives of stakeholders and external consultants in the process of formulation involved. This ensures that a critical analysis of the initial situation takes place and all the activities of the Company, on their possible negative consequences for stakeholders are tapped.

The found values and norms of erlangen furthermore, a higher degree of legitimacy, if you as a consensus from a critical discourse emerged

. The inclusion of the employees also leads to a greater identification with the guidelines and to improved Motivation in terms of their compliance. A “regulation” of morality is quickly perceived as a criticism of the personal moral competence and paternalism. The inclusion of the employees “on the spot” can further prevent misunderstandings and the Company against exaggerated promises don’t protect, which are actually redeemable.

The involvement of employees and external stakeholders finally also provides a certain degree of awareness of the principles. The comprehensive communication of the principles to the inside and outside is essential for their implementation. The principles must be made clear to you, because, of course, no one can expect from the employees, adherence to principles, which are unknown or incomprehensible. The external communication is not only the image, but also reaffirms the commitment of the Company, as publicly known guidelines for Conduct can be controlled by the reference groups.

This post is an excerpt from the new book on corporate ethics.

Wie Unternehmen zu einem Leitbild kommenHow can be implemented the business ethics as a Management responsibility? A stronger orientation of the corporate guide on the guiding principle of a life-serving economy is more and more demanded. Elisabeth Gödel discusses the philosophical foundations of ethics and clarifies the relationship of ethics and Economics. The focus is on the institutionalisation of ethics is on the level of the individual company.

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