How fast can a Cessna 172 climb?

How fast can a Cessna 172 climb?


1965 172F (Skyhawk) 1997-2007 172R (Skyhawk)
Stall Speed Clean 50 Knots 51 KCAS
Stall Speed Landing Configuration 43 Knots 47 KCAS
Climb Best Rate 645 FPM 720 FPM
Wing Loading 13.2 lbs./sq. ft. 14.1 lbs./sq. ft.

How much fuel does a Cessna 172p drain?

Fuel Capacity: Standard Tanks: Total Capacity: 43 gallons Total Capacity Each Tank: 21.5 gallons Tatoal Usable: 40 gallons. Long Range Tanks: Total Capacity: 54 gallons Total Capacity Each Tank: 27 gallons Tatoal Usable: 50 gallons.

What type of oil does a Cessna 172 use?

Recommended Viscosity for Temperature Range; MIL-L-6082 Aviation Grade Straight Mineral Oil: SAE 50 above 16″C (60″F). SAE 40 between -l”C (30″F) and 32″C (90″F).

What is standard climb rate?

The standard climb-gradient requirement is 200 feet per nautical mile after crossing the departure end of the runway (DER) at a height of 35 feet agl. After that, climb gradients can increase if terrain or obstacles are factors surrounding, or within, the designated departure-path surface.

What is the rate of climb of a Cessna 172?

V x increases with altitude and V Y decreases with altitude until they converge at the airplane’s absolute ceiling, the altitude above which the airplane cannot climb in steady flight. The Cessna 172 is a four-seat aircraft. At maximum weight it has a V Y of 75 kn (139 km/h) indicated airspeed providing a rate of climb of 721 ft/min (3.66 m/s).

What’s the top speed of a Cessna 182?

With a $480,000 price tag, the Model 182 is well-priced given its specifications. The 182 featured a six-cylinder Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5 engine with a horsepower of 230. This allowed the Model 182 to boast industry-best performance metrics such as a maximum speed of 173 mph and a cruise speed of 167 mph.

When did the Cessna 172 first come out?

First flown in 1955 and still in production, more Cessna 172s have been built than any other aircraft. The Cessna 172 has been the default aircraft in FlightGear since 2000, when it replaced the Navion. It has had a long development and includes a wide variety of simulation features.

What’s the maximum range of a Cessna Citation?

Its most recent release, the Citation CJ4, has a maximum range of 2,165 nmi and a cabin 21 inches longer than its original version. Since the CJ4 can seat up to 10 passengers, this is an astounding range for its class.

What’s the best glide speed for a Cessna 172?

BEST GLIDE 80 MPH, 2300 Lbs. In a glide it provides the maximum distance traveled forward with the minimum altitude lost. V FE 110 MPH Full Flaps Extended speed. Maximum speed at which flaps may be fully extended. V A 112 MPH, 2300 Lbs. Design Maneuvering speed.

What are the specs of a Cessna 172N?

CESSNA MODEL 172N PERFORMANCE­ SPECIFICATIONS CESSNA MODEL 172N PERFORMANCE -SPECIFICATIONS SPEED: Maximum at Sea Level . 125 KNOTS Cruise, 75% Power at 8000 Ft ………… 122 KNOTS CRUISE: Recommended lean mixture with fuel allowance for engine start, taxi, takeoff, climb and 45 minutes reserve at 45% power. 75% Power at 8000 Ft .

What’s the maximum flap speed of a c172m?

160 Max window open speed 160 V NO Maximum structural cruising (normal operating) speed. 128 V A Maneuvering speed At max gross weight of 2300 lbs. At a gross weight of 1950 lbs. At a gross weight of 1600 lbs. 97 89 80 V FE Maximum Flap Extended Speed (Any Flaps) 85 V Y Best rate of climb speed (Sea Level). At 10,000′ 78 68 V X

How to increase FPS on a Cessna 172P?

Some tricks that help to increase fps is by disabling all GUI windows, including the menu bar and the orange fps counters at the bottom of the screen. You can display an alternative fps counter in the top left corner via the “Debug” menu and then selecting “Cycle On-Screen Statistics”.