How does the oil consumption test work on an Acura?

How does the oil consumption test work on an Acura?

The oil consumption test is you go in, pay for an oil change ($44), bring it back after driving 1000 miles and they measure how much oil was burned to determine if it is in spec or not. Nothing about 3 oil changes as stated before. Was ecstatic to find this letter in the mail as my TL just crept over 125k.

Is there an issue with the Acura engine?

The 800 number lady quickly ended conversation by saying case closed. Acura addressed the issue yes, but they have NO interest in making good on their mistake and design flaw in these engines. The 800 number rep stated that “the Dealers are our eyes and ears”. Well Acura, your eyes are blind and your ears are deaf.

How to get in touch with Acura client relations?

With easy access to Frequently Asked Questions, our Live Chat tool, recall information and more, this useful page will help you get the most out of your Acura ownership experience. For further assistance, feel free to contact Acura Client Relations. You can reach us in several ways.

Can a Acura be towed with all four wheels on the ground?

For model year 2006 and newer, if an Acura vehicle is approved for towing with all four wheels on the ground, it will be noted in the Owner’s Manual for that vehicle. Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for specific towing instructions. For model year 2005 and older, dinghy towing capability may or may not be possible.

When did the second generation Acura TL come out?

The second-generation TL (now called 3.2 TL) was released in 1998 and was now derived off the US-market Honda Accord platform. It was available with a newly designed 3.2 L 225 hp (168 kW) SOHC VTEC J32 V6 mated to a four-speed electronic automatic transmission with SportShift.

Where is the V6 engine located on an Acura TL?

The V6 engine in the 3.2 TL was mounted in a front-rear, or longitudinal position. This contrasted with the more typical transverse engine mount style, and was intended to provide better weight distribution and reduce nose dive. The engine mount design resulted in an elongated hood for the first generation TL.

What kind of suspension does an Acura TL have?

Leather was standard on the more upscale 3.2 TL, while the 2.5 TL featured a firmer suspension setup. Like its predecessor, the Vigor, this generation TL was a 4-door pillared hardtop, with frameless windows. In 1997, Acura added a standard power moonroof to all TL models.

What kind of navigation system does Acura 2000 TL have?

The 2000 TL switched from a CD database to a DVD -based navigation system. The entire continental United States became accessible with the navigation system; it was possible to drive from one coast to the other with the new navigation system. This section needs additional citations for verification.