How does it cost to replace a water pump?

How does it cost to replace a water pump?

The average water pump replacement cost is $550, with prices ranging from $461 to $638 in the US in 2020. But typically depends on the type of vehicle you drive and the auto repair shop you take it to. Labor costs are between $256 and $324 while parts cost between $205 and $314.

Can I replace my own water pump?

Loosen the bolts and remove the old water pump. Remove the old seal/gasket or old sealant remains and make sure the mounting surface is clean. Before installing the new water pump, inspect the other cooling system service parts: coolant hoses, thermostat and pressure cap(s). Install the new water pump.

When should a water pump be replaced?

Facts and figures: a working water pump only needs to be replaced after 60,000-100,000 miles, so if you have your car for less than 10 years, you may never have to worry about it.

How long does it take to replace a water pump?

On average, water pump replacement is a 3 hour job. You may pay less if you buy the pump yourself and give it to the mechanic to install, though use caution and make sure to buy the parts from a reputable source.

Will Stop Leak fix water pump?

The liquid stop-leak product poured into the radiator will flow to the water pump seal and possibly seal or slow the leak. Stop-leak products are not a permanent solution and will only serve as a temporary fix.

Where is the water pump on a Chevy engine?

The water pump is located just above – and to the right – of the crankshaft pulley. It is above – and to the left – of the air conditioner compressor. Step 2: Remove all the items blocking access to the water pump.

How to replace your MerCruiser water pump impeller?

You should remove the hoses from the thermostat housing to the supply pump outlet as well as the pump inlet hose and backflush all the way out of the sterndrive to ensure there are not any restrictions. Step #5: Make sure that there are no leaks on the inlet side of the water pump that would allow the pump to draw air and therefore cavitate.

How do I change the water pump in my car?

Step 1: Make sure the water pump needs to be replaced. This may sound overly simplistic, but look for a couple of clues. The first one is your engine will overheat (don’t let it get too hot as it will ‘blow’ the engine). In my situation, the vehicle would run about 10 minutes, and then start getting hot. Look for leaks around the water pump.

How long does it take to change water pump on Chevy Uplander Van?

This tutorial is specific to the 2007 Chevy Uplander van, but many of the steps will apply to another vehicle. The job takes about three hours and an intermediately skilled mechanic should not have any problems doing the work.