How do you reset the codes on a 2011 Acura MDX?

How do you reset the codes on a 2011 Acura MDX?

1. press & hold the “cancel”, “map/guide”, and “menu” buttons at the same time. 5. you then will see the list of messages, select and delete each one.

How do I reset my Acura MDX?

Press and hold the SELECT and RESET buttons on the instrument panel and turn the ignition to position (II) – do not start the engine. Hold the SELECT and RESET buttons until the indicator resets, hold for about 10 seconds. Turn the ignition off and then start the engine to verify the indicator has been reset.

How do I reset my Acura MDX navigation system?

Honda/Acura Navigation Reset

  1. Hold down the Menu+Map/Guide+Cancel buttons for about 5 seconds (the “Select Diagnosis Items” screen will appear).
  2. Hold down the Map/Guide button for 5-10 seconds (A screen with a “Complete” button, will appear).
  3. Touch “Complete,” and then the “Return” button (the system may re-boot).

Is there a problem with my Acura MDX?

Shouldn’t have worry about driving 2011 MDX with less than 2000 miles out of town. I have had my MDX about two months. Within the first week of driving, saw the low battery warning on intermittently. It seems to make no difference how far or how long the car has been driven. The warning comes and goes.

How much does it cost to replace tire sensor on Acura MDX?

Do yourself a favor and source OEM sensors from one of the online dealership sellers like Bernardi (no Ebay or Amazon due to counterfeit issues) for a significant savings s the tire store as they typically charge arond $100 a wheel for aftermarket sensors. Need to replace the tire sensors on a 2011 MDX.

Is there a warranty on my MDX battery?

My MDX had a battery recall in 2010 and they put a new one in for free.Great! The battery says on it 100 month warranty now it dies and they will not back it up.I was told that the replacement free of charge comes with no warranty.Take in mind I had no problem with the old battery they told me it was bad I trusted that.

Is there a problem with my Acura TL?

So….my husband has a 2008 Acura TL which has just 10,100 miles on it. (He’s retired and only drives around in our little town). The car is practically new – still smells new. BUT: It has the dreaded battery drain problem. About 6 months ago, he took it to the dealer for testing and they couldn’t find anything which was draining the battery.