How do you remove an ignition lock?

How do you remove an ignition lock?

There are two parts to removing this component. First, insert the key and unlock the steering wheel. Next, use a flat blade screwdriver to press a small metal push pin that is located underneath the ignition lock cylinder. By depressing this switch, you’ll be able to unlock the cylinder from the housing.

How do you remove an ignition lock without the key?

  1. Step 1: Disconnect The Battery.
  2. Step 2: Remove The Steering Wheel.
  3. Step 3: Remove Indicator and Wipers Switches.
  4. Step 4: Remove Sleeves From Steering Column.
  5. Step 5: Disconnect All Electrical Connection Leading To Ignition Switch.
  6. Step 6: Remove The Mounting Bolts.
  7. Step 8: Lock the Key Cylinder.
  8. Step 9: Use A Screwdriver.

Can you unlock a steering wheel without the key?

You can often stick a worn out old key in the lock, and wiggle it as you gently twist, and eventually get it to unlock and turn. Don’t try to force it. If the locked steering wheel is locked ‘hard’ against the locking mechanism, you will have to turn the wheel a bit to release the pressure for this to work.

Can a locksmith change an ignition switch?

3 Things An Auto Locksmith Can Do. The primary service that auto locksmiths offer is simply unlocking a vehicle. But they can also remove broken keys, duplicate or replace keys, and — in some situations — they can actually replace whole locks and ignition switches.

How do you remove an ignition lock cylinder?

Step 8: Loosen the screws on top of the ignition lock assembly. The lock cylinder is secured to the lock assembly by a button on the bottom of the housing and two screws on top of the lock assembly. Loosen the two screws on top to allow you to remove the cylinder.

Where is the release pin on an ignition switch?

The new or rebuilt switch should slide easily back into its hole on the steering column. Align the shape of the cylinder and the location of the release pin with the coinciding grooves in the ignition module.

What causes a fault in an ignition lock cylinder?

Most of the time, when a problem occurs within the ignition system, it will be caused by a fault within the ignition lock cylinder. Inside the lock cylinder are a series of tumblers where the key is inserted.

What to do if your key is stuck in the ignition switch?

The key may be stuck in the ignition switch, but that shouldn’t stop you from turning it. If you don’t have a key, you will need to force the module to turn using a flathead screwdriver. Press the release pin inside the hole on the ignition module with a screwdriver.

How to get an ignition cylinder out without the original key?

How to Get an Ignition Cylinder Out Without the Original Key Step 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable from your vehicle, which will eliminate the chance of getting shocked… Step 2. Use a screwdriver and socket wrench set to disassemble the steering column covering and lower dashboard

How do you test a new ignition key?

You may need to turn the new ignition key in the lock cylinder to the accessories position before inserting it into the ignition switch. Test your ignition switch by reconnecting the electrical connections and the negative battery terminal cable. Turn on your vehicle.

How do you remove a lock cylinder from a car?

Some models have interchangeable lock cylinders that can be removed by turning the ignition key to the accessories position and inserting a pin into a pin hole with a release mechanism. However, other vehicles do not give you this option. Inspect the mounting bolts for your ignition switch housing.

How can I get an ignition switch out of my car?

Inspect the mounting bolts for your ignition switch housing. Some models use safety snap-off bolt heads that prevent thieves from replacing your ignition switch and driving off. You will need a power-drill with screw extractors to drill out the bolts used to mount the ignition switch housing to the steering column.