How do you drain Toyota coolant?

How do you drain Toyota coolant?

Place a drain bucket underneath the bottom of the radiator. Locate the draincock, a white plastic knob located at the bottom of the radiator. Turn it counter-clockwise to open it up and allow the coolant to empty from the radiator. Once it’s empty, reinstall the draincock.

Where do you drain coolant from an engine block?

Engine block drains allow you to drain coolant from the engine block, the petcock on the radiator will only allow you to drain the radiator and lines – if that is all you have drained then you have left the job half done. Place a drain pan under the petcock of the radiator located on the driver’s side of the radiator at the bottom.

Where are the drains located on a car?

Your engine may have one drain or two, it will depend on the engine model and most likely will not be listed in the documentation included with your vehicle. You will have to look for the drains. The drains will be located, one on each side of the engine, in mirror locations.

Where is the radiator flush socket on a car?

Man it’s tricky to find, but it’s there, halfway along the engine between the oil filter and injector pump. It’s a hexagonal fitting about an inch long needing a 14mm socket for the outside and a 10 mm socket for the tap in the end.

How to drain and fill a Toyota 4Runner?

Use Code DIYDISCOUNT. 2001 Toyota 4Runner. My friend had her car inspected at a Toyota Dealer in Henderson, Nevada. One of the recommendations was to drain and fill the radiator and engine block. She had not changed her coolant fluid since 2-3 years ago when she had her timing belt and water pump replaced at the dealer.

What kind of radiator should I get for my Toyota 4Runner?

In fact, it’s quite possible that if you just order a Toyota pickup or 4Runner replacement radiator willy-nilly you’ll end up with a plastic/aluminum radiator – you won’t even get a factory-like radiator. While this newer type seems okay we like the fact that metal radiators have brazed seams and can be repaired by a competent radiator shop.

What makes a Toyota radiator a coolant leaker?

The approximately four quabillion fins that zigzag between the tubing provide extra surface area for heat to dissipate. A few smooshed fins aren’t so bad, but a damaged tube will leak coolant. This radiator is a coolant leaker. It’s all about the airflow. In a 2 row radiator, there are 2 rows of tubes. In a 3 row radiator there are 3 rows of tubes.

How does a radiator work on a Toyota truck?

The core is made up of flat vertical tubes that carry hot coolant from the top tank to the bottom tank, which is cooled along the way by air moving over the tubes and fins. The thin fins are soldered to the radiator tubes and dissipate heat that is being carried by the coolant.