How do you change a car alternator?

How do you change a car alternator?

Step by Step: Replacing an Alternator

  1. Save the memory on your vehicle’s preset electronics.
  2. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Loosen the belt tensioner.
  4. Loosen and remove the serpentine belt.
  5. Remove the wiring harness or connectors.
  6. Loosen and remove the alternator.

Is replacing alternator hard?

It’s not horribly difficult, but there’s a lot more work involved than ever before and one might need some unexpected tools. Open the hood, find the alternator, and determine whether your tools can get onto all the fasteners they need to get onto, including those for the serpentine belt tensioner, if so equipped.

What’s the best way to replace an alternator?

If you find any of those issues, you’ll need to replace it. Remove the alternator from the engine bay. With the belt pulled off of the alternator pulley and the wires disconnected, the alternator should come out freely. You may need to wiggle the alternator around some things in order to remove it.

How to replace an alternator on a 1995 GMC?

Somewhere on your vehicle there is a tensioner pulley. You’ll need to move it enough to slip the belt off the pulley. Our ’95 GMC has a standard spring-loaded GM tensioner that required us to pull it back with a wrench.

Is there a way to check the voltage of an alternator?

How to check the alternator voltage output is one more simple check up you can do on your own. Unlike changing the windshield wiper blades or changing a headlamp light bulb, this is one check up that drivers are reluctant to do. They rather go visit a garage or dealer. But, as you’ll see there’s no special skill needed.

Do you need to remove serpentine belt to change alternator?

As you loosen the bolts, the alternator will slide in the bracket under the tension of the belt. You may not need to remove the serpentine or accessory belt if it’s not damaged.

How long does it take to change an alternator?

An alternator replacement typically takes around an hour. This is dependent of course on the condition of the old unit and how difficult it is to remove.

How often does an alternator need to be replaced?

Normally, any time an accessory drive belt is removed would be an opportune time to swap in a new alternator. We have heard of some extreme cases where owners replace the alternator every 6 years , no matter its condition. That may be overkill, as the part is not inexpensive.

What is the average cost to replace an alternator?

How Much Does Alternator Replacement Cost. The amount you will have to pay for a new alternator really depends on the model and make of your car. However, the average cost of a new alternator is between $180 and $650, while the actual repair work, including labor, typically amounts to $400 to $600 . For best results, opt for a new alternator or get one that’s built by the manufacturer.

How much is it to change and alternator?

Replacing your alternator on your own is an easy enough job as long as you have all of the proper tools to perform the task. The cost to replace an alternator will vary widely depending on your specific vehicle and manufacturer. Replacing an alternator will typically cost you anywhere from $160-390.