How do you break a stubborn bolt?

How do you break a stubborn bolt?

Try a 6-point wrench or socket on your seized nut/bolt. Start by rocking the bolt by tightening then loosing, this may be all you need to break through the rust. Try and avoid 12-point wrenches and sockets as they likely to slip and strip the bolt head.

How do you loosen the bolts on an alternator?

Loosen the bolt attached to the adjustable bracket. Place a wrench behind the bracket to hold the nut, then loosen the bolt on the front of the bracket with a second wrench and turn counterclockwise until it is loose. Remove the wrenches. Using your hands, move the alternator slightly toward the engine.

How do you remove a bolt that won’t stop spinning?

How to Remove a Spinning Bolt

  1. Use a Magnet. If you have a magnet handy in your toolbox, you can use it to attract the spinning screw to force it out of place.
  2. Use Brute Force. It’s no more Mr.
  3. Use a Flat Screw Driver.
  4. It’s Time to Bring the Heat.
  5. Start Drilling.
  6. Use a Hacksaw.
  7. Crack the Bad Nut.
  8. Use a Grinder.

Will impact wrench break bolts?

No, an impact wrench will not break bolts – in fact, it will take less torque to break the wrench’s drive than to loosen the bolts.

Will wd40 loosen rusted bolts?

If the bolt is stuck in place because of rust, you can use a bolt loosening spray such as WD-40 Penetrant Spray. This penetrating oil provides deep lubrication to loosen the nut or screw.

How many bolts hold an alternator?

Loosen the bolts on the alternator if there is no auto-tensioner. In cars without an auto-tensioner pulley, you can relieve the tension on the belt simply by loosening the two bolts that secure the alternator to the engine. These will often require a 14mm or 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) socket, though you may need to try others.

Should you use an impact wrench to tighten lug nuts?

With an impact gun, you aren’t applying any torque to the wheel, either. You are applying shock and inertia to the lug to get it to come off. Do not use the impact to tighten the lug nuts, though. It is very easy to over torque them.

Should you lubricate lug bolts?

But experts tell us not to use any lubricant, including anti-seize compound, on wheel studs or nuts. The tech folks at Tire Rack state: “Torque specifications are for dry threads only. The fastener threads should be free of oil, dirt, grit, corrosion, etc. It is important NOT to lubricate hardware threads or seats.

How to remove a stubborn nut or bolt?

How to Remove a Stubborn Nut/Bolt Step 1: Use Some Muscle. Try a 6-point wrench or socket on your seized nut/bolt. Start by rocking the bolt by tightening… Step 2: Clean It Up. If using some muscle on the bolt does not allow it to budge don’t be discouraged, as there’s a few… Step 3: Leverage.

How to loosen the crank Pully bolt with hand?

Wrap the serpentine belt around the crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer) and clamp it with the first set of Vise-Grips online with the second pulley you’re going to use. Then wrap the belt around the second pulley (in this case the A/C pulley), clamping the second set of Vise-Grips opposite the crank pulley.

Is it safe to blip the starter on a crankshaft?

Please note that the blip-the-starter method is only safe to do if your crankshaft turns clockwise, and your pulley bolt has right-handed threads. This is the contrarian answer. There are impact tools, usually 1/2″ drive, which have a cam in them. When you hit them with a hammer, they will apply impact to a socket.