How difficult is it to replace an alternator?

How difficult is it to replace an alternator?

Replacing an alternator can cost you several hundred bucks at the local repair shop, but it’s one of the simplest repairs you can do at home. With a few tools and about an hour you can swap it out yourself — and keep your dough in your pocket where it belongs.

What’s the problem with my Nissan Pulsar N16?

After confirming by checking resistance an seeing burntout on ecm so i set out an obtained identical IAC moter an throttle assm along with a woking an tested ecu. My problem being the engine turns over but wont fire.

What does an alternator do in a Nissan Maxima?

The alternator’s job in your Maxima is to provide electricity as it is running. The battery stores enough voltage to be able to start the engine without the assistance of an alternator. It is turned by a serpentine belt.

When to replace the alternator in an Audi A4?

With the engine just fired up, you should get over 14.2 volts. If you got 14.2 or more volts, the alternator is charging fine. If it’s still showing in the 12’s, it’s time to replace the alternator. If it’s producing a voltage level in the 13’s, go ahead and take it into a parts store and have it tested.

Does the Nissan Pulsar hatchback 2004 have cruise control?

Does the nissan pulsar hatchback 2004 model have cruise control it’s a manual gearbox i bought the car the other day but it doesn’t have a manual book to look up what the car has included as in modcons Hi asking why a light on my car keeps come on?

How to replace an alternator on a Nissan Pulsar?

Suites: (this unit has charge bolt facing back, it can also replace unit with charge bolt facing up, cable clip may have to be detached and cable secured with cable tie ) if your unsure this is the right Alternator for your car call us with the vehicles details.

Is the 2004 Pulsar N16 still in service?

I purchased a 2004 Pulsar N16 sedan in July last year and still use it daily with no mechanical faults at 180,000km. It has been fully serviced for its lifetime and have nothing major go wrong with it, just the regular tyres, battery and a couple of bulbs. It is a nice drive and gets me to and from work everyday and is good on fuel.

Is there a timing belt on a Nissan Pulsar?

Reference the model year with the corresponding engine to see if your car has a belt or a chain. Which models have a belt/chain? All Nissan Pulsar cars have a timing chain except ones with the 1.5 Diesel that was featured in the sixth generation. Pulsar cars with the 1.5 Diesel have a timing belt. .

What kind of engine does a Nissan Pulsar have?

Nissan Pulsar Model Year Engine 2.0 L SR20DE 2000 – 2005 (N16) 1.6 L QG16DE I4 1.8 L QG18DE 2012 – 2017 (C12, C13 & B17) 1.2L DiG-T