higher levels of appreciation in the personnel management

higher levels of appreciation in the personnel management

Mehr Wertschätzung in der PersonalführungThe labour market in Germany is in a noticeable change. The “Generation Y” in the choice of profession with their focus on the salary or the Profit. Flexible working times and, especially, the appreciation of their work is in the job search are important components. “The rediscovery of humanity in the workplace is one of the most important success factors of the future”, says Professor Dr. Andreas Otterbach, author of the UVK-book Leading through appreciation.

Actually it is not so difficult: a interested to Listen, an honest thanks to a compassionate Smile. So employees want to be as a professional and as a person perceived to be. However, in many companies, the misconception still prevails that a good canteen and the sport enough so that Load is running. Employees are leaving their jobs but not because of the canteen, but often because of bad bosses. “In many companies, executives have forgotten how to be appreciative,” says Andreas Otterbach. The book Leading by appreciation, which he has written together with Corinna Little, was to him a matter of the heart.

To reach the executives of a real behavior change, of course, is much more exhausting and time-consuming as a ready-to-Feel-good – and health management of outdoor shopping. If a company’s management is not calm, however, only your Conscience, but in the long term, economically successful want to be, you to this investment. Lived appreciation costs little and acts with a large lever!

Demographic change: we are the professionals go

Who can pick and choose where he works, is more likely to choose an employer where he feels comfortable. 55 per cent of the dissatisfied employees cite lack of appreciation in business as an important reason for a job change thinking (www.bib-demografie.de). Also in the case of a new employee is hired, you heard, in addition to a good Work-Life Balance, to a large extent to the things of the future workers want. The Generation Y, who is pressing today on the labour market, has this as a key objective.

Mehr Wertschätzung in der Personalführung

Numerous studies always come to the same conclusion: The compatibility of family and career in the young a higher priority than the achievement of personal career goals. At the same time, you feel comfortable in your career to be motivated, if their individual Strengths and talents are utilized and promoted. If you can’t get as an employer and a candidate, is doing well to behave towards him with an appreciative eye. For it is only when the employee feels comfortable, get company about his stay in the company again as an Output of what was previously invested in development and training of the employee.

Anyone who does not preach appreciation only, but also practiced, will in the future have significantly better chances of the sought after potential labour force to capture and hold.

Excerpt from the book Leading through appreciation

Mehr Wertschätzung in der Personalführung

Hidden Champions have managed to achieve in their industry with a prominent position. Often there are family companies that have made it the world market leader. Particularly many of them in German-speaking countries. On closer inspection, however, it is not the companies but their employees and managers, all of the outstanding results.

Andreas Otterbach and Corinna Little to go in the book Leading through appreciation of the extent to which value estimates play in the end of leadership and corporate culture for the development of a decisive role. They identify seven factors that make up successful leadership through appreciation – a recognition that is applicable to every medium-sized businesses.

The book is aimed at present and future managers and employees in HR departments.