Gold is again in demand

Gold is again in demand

What was not a mourning song . “The price of gold will never increase – the bubble has burst” could be heard often. Now, Gold has recovered quickly and a large part of its losses. This change and response teaches us here, always with guards, open and lively spirit of such a development to meet.

The price of gold is in the early Friday morning, again at the price of 1.485 USD/oz came on. So he has made up about two-thirds of the losses of the previous week. As the reasons mention precious metal experts for a short-Covering by speculators, which chart the situation in the gold price used to have such a strong physical demand, which, among other things, in connection with the interest rate cut fantasies of the ECB (source: Commerzbank AG).

It will be exciting in the coming days, because then the gold gradients from hedge funds and gold funds, the U.S. securities and exchange Commission. This could bring light into the darkness and show who is the Responsible for the “Mini Flash Crash” in the gold market (source: Commerzbank AG).

The Gold is more than an object of speculation, however, we see when we go into the historical perspective. It is a myth and a reality. Do you want to know more? Read my new book: The greed for Gold.

Sources: article image: birgitH/; Interview: BSTV