Gold and Christmas

Gold and Christmas

The Magi bring the child to, among other things, Gold as a gift. Even today, the color Gold plays a big role in our Christmas decorations.

But why is it so?

Gold – both as color as well as the tactile metal – enthusiastic people. Gold, the metal and the color of kings and emperors is, what radiates Power and glory. It is regarded as a divine metal and was a Testament to the Power of God on earth. Through our socialisation and education we were brought up in this Faith. Gold, however, the power factor and investment basis. Just large and very large assets have laid the Foundation, often in Gold. In addition to real estate and corporate investments (e.g., shares) belongs to Gold as an absolute substance of an investment instrument in each Portfolio.

Which way will the noble metal in the third Millennium?

The Central banks are still on the Gold standard, or completely new approaches arise? Why is it for us as a private investor of such intrinsic importance, and why are there still wars? You can read more about this in my new book: The greed for Gold.


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Interview: Börse Stuttgart TV (BSTV)