Far more than the money and jewelry: Gold will set the light the same

Far more than the money and jewelry: Gold will set the light the same

In his book The greed for Gold lights Michael Bloss, all conceivable facets of the precious metal. This is also the mythical and religious questions of Gold is:

Gold is derived conceptually from the Indo-European of yellow and shiny, and was assigned as a celestial body, the sun. Because only these could represent the beam power of the gold is just a worthy. It is the Central star, and thus the center of the universe. Gold is in direct connection with the concept of light. Religious is also found here a strong analogy. So this is in the New Testament, in Joh. To Read 8,12: “I am the light of the world”, to interpret it differently. Christ as “Sol Invictus”. In Jes. 9 we read: “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the Land of darkness, a light has shone.” Here, too, the term light, therefore, as enlightenment and thus as a valuable, purely, and eternally is (it is the same attributes, which are also attributed to Gold).

The term light in a different Christian context. In the Apocalypse, the secret revelation of John, we read of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Here, too, is spoken by the light. This moved the builders of the famous cathedrals so strong that this made these thoughts take advantage, and in their structures, mainly in the glass works, to implement.

Deep focus you can bring in the concept of the light with the resurrection of Christ. “Through the darkness of good Friday we enter into the light of Easter.” The Dark symbolizes the Via Dolorosa, the via Dolorosa, up to Calvary, to Calvary. The light is the resurrection from death. The light is thus set in direct connection with the most important event of Christianity. Life has conquered death. Externally this is indicated by the Symbol of the Easter candle and the Easter light. Light enables life and the progress of freedom and knowledge. The candles living light itself from the victim. As a candle gives light, in which you abandon yourself.

This can be restored to Christ on the cross and the sacrifice for humanity, and thus back to the initial viewing of the “Sol Invictus”.

Buchbeschreibung: Gold exudes from time immemorial, the myth of value, wealth and Power. In the literature, and in philosophy we find numerous influences. Not to mention the religions. But what is the role of Gold in our lives really? How much Gold is there at all? In which jewelry and everyday items it is? And Gold is indeed a safe haven for private assets?

In an entertaining way, the reader will be surprised on every page of the book with interesting facts about Gold from all possible perspectives.


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