economists meeting in Göttingen (3)

economists meeting in Göttingen (3)

This is a continuation of my Blogs to the annual meeting of the Verein für socialpolitik in Göttingen, which had to offer in many ways: so Far, I have discussed the speech of Gerhard Schröder. Here is the current Status of the German labour market, the focus and the responsibility of the red-green economic policy.

In the context of a supplementary event (I’m still in a further blog post) to the actual conference program of the Association for social policy, Oskar Lafontaine was able to respond to schröder’s speech.

Here is a video recording of the Prof. Dr. Dr. Helge Peukert, Oskar Lafontaine, welcomed, and announced:

Here is a video recording of the speech by Oskar Lafontaine (sorry that the view from my seat on the speakers not the TV):

In the Handelsblatt to in article Lafontaine is Contra on all levels, well-read that this “long-distance-duel” in Göttingen on many members of the audience like a Revival cast – or a deja vue from a time in which the two Kontahenten never spared.

My personal impression of Lafontaine, that he with vehemence against Management-Establishment, against the conventional economic(policy)language and against Schröder sought, as these would be inextricably linked. He began with the processing of an everyday linguistic coloring in the economy and politics, which can exercise itself, by the negative effects of economic policy measures objective light. By the Depersonalisation decisions are made easier, than if you were to take on the hardships of the fates of individuals verbally. He entered in the second part of his speech to Schroeder’s remarks, and then of the mental confusion of the language, could be interpreted by the listener, that he judged to Schröder personally.

In the next blog posts I will talk about the addition of events to the media interest and the significance of the meeting for the publisher.

The economic publishers traditionally participate in this meeting. For the UTB were the programme makers Rainer Berger and Dr. Jürgen Schechler of UVK Lucius on the spot, in addition to the current thematic Trends with the educational challenges of the discipline of Economics to deal with and interact with other experts.