Ebook-tip of the week: project control

Ebook-tip of the week: project control

The digital management of library Management, specifically, covers the most important economic issues of our time and provides the correct answer. The E-Books of this new series will address such topics in a compact and understandable. Well-known authors to bring precise solutions, without sacrificing in-depth Knowledge and high quality. Each week we have a new title in this series:

From the series Management, specifically:

Practice of project control

Project management, specifically

by F. X. Bea, S. Scheurer, S. Hesselmann

ISBN 978-3-86496-039-0

EUR 7,99

Planning and control are directly linked to each other, because projects can only be controlled in a goal-directed, if you plan carefully. The book shows how to implement the dimensions of performance, schedule, and cost control successfully.