Ebook-tip of the week: increase in corporate value through projects

The digital management of library Management, specifically, covers the most important economic issues of our time and provides the correct answer. The E-Books of this new series will address such topics in a compact and understandable. Well-known authors to bring precise solutions, without sacrificing in-depth Knowledge and high quality. Each week we have a new title in this series:

From the series Management, specifically:

Increase in corporate value by projects

Project management, specifically

by F. X. Bea, S. Scheurer, S. Hesselmann

ISBN 978-3-86496-042-8

EUR 7,99

The increase in the value of the company is in addition to the company’s development an important objective, economically-oriented ventures. From an economic perspective, the most efficient project execution, and, ultimately, securing or even increasing the project contribution to value, is the essential task of management of projects. The book goes into the basics of the value-enhancing management and decision-making values to a total company level and project level can be determined.

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