Doha climate summit, but business summit

Doha climate summit, but business summit

WG earth: The world community is sitting hopelessly at odds in the trash

The Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e. V. has worn in a Comedy Comic, the positions of the world community to the climate change conference in Doha. The principle of the residential community also applies here: “to Each his own, and to me the most!” Satirical, cynical, true. In 1:49 minutes of the FEDERAL on the example of the WG-sexy topic of waste disposal, why Doha will fail: 193 States, none of which the garbage explains.

The unofficial Trailer for the climate change conference in Doha

On the Doha Agenda on two points: a) The design of the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol from 2013, and b) the roadmap for a global climate Treaty, which from 2020 to countries such as the USA and China clear climate protection goals.

Hopes for a breakthrough are low. Because at the core of the annual climate conferences, it’s less about the United fight against climate change, but the fight of everyone against everyone more resources, Power, economic growth. Doha, the climate summit, the Doha economic summit.

An Example? In 2010, it was decided in Cancun, Mexico on a broad scientific Basis, the compliance with the Two-degree target; all States should contribute, so that the upper limit is observed on warming. In the Wake of rhetoric and reality fell apart. Scientists doubt, though, whether this is at all. The CO2 accumulation in the atmosphere is rather increased to a new record high. The world Bank expects a “business as usual” with a global warming of four degrees by the century end.