Does AutoZone do diagnostic test?

Does AutoZone do diagnostic test?

AutoZone is well known for doing free check engine light diagnostics. Some places charge you for testing your car, but at AutoZone, it’s free. AutoZone will test your car’s parts for free. We can test your car’s battery*, alternator*, starter* and voltage regulator while they’re still on your car.

What can I check at AutoZone for free?

Check engine light on? We’ll check it and give you a free report. We’ll check your alternator, starter, battery and more. Check it before you buy it or bring a dead battery back to life. Borrow specialty tools for free.

What do trouble codes mean on a car?

Some codes are vehicle-specific, while others are universal for American, European and Asian manufacturers. The trouble codes are broken down into four basic categories: P denotes powertrain (engine, transmission, emissions) B denotes body (climate control, lighting, airbags, etc.)

What is the OBD code for an engine?

P0420, P0430: Any vehicle with OBD II standards will feature an oxygen (O2) sensor closer to the catalytic converter. The converter can be fouled due to an engine that’s burning oil or has an internal coolant leak. It’s also common for fuel to damage catalytic converters.

How does the fix finder work at AutoZone?

Fix Finder reads information from the Check Engine, ABS, and maintenance lights. The test often takes less than a minute once the reader is plugged in. Find the closest store to you. The report details recommended solutions and suggests parts for a repair.

When to use AutoZone’s OBD2 diagnostic tool?

Code Reader. When you detect there’s a problem with your vehicle, turn to AutoZone to help you pinpoint the issue. With our wide variety of code readers, you can get to the root of the problem in no time. Our OBD2 scanners and other diagnostic tools also help you keep track of your previous vehicle repairs. Next time your engine throws

Can you scan the Check Engine light at AutoZone?

In this case, the Malfunction Indicator (Check Engine) lamp on the vehicle’s instrument panel will light steady on. Remember to return the scan tool to an AutoZone employee when finished. These tools will not work with any other device other than the Z-Net terminals at AutoZone.

Why are there so many error codes on AutoZone?

The scanner reads through and finds out what error codes the computer system has registered. Once the codes are read, it is up to a person to make an educated guess as to what is causing the errors to show up. The issue is that a single problem (such as a bad sensor) can cause multiple error codes.

What to do when your engine throws a code?

Next time your engine throws a code, turn to AutoZone for an easy-to-use code reader or diagnostic tool. A broken down car is nothing but a bummer – even worse, waiting on a mechanic is also a pain. Easily diagnose your car problem with code readers and diagnostic tools from AutoZone.