Does a 1995 Acura Integra have VTEC?

Does a 1995 Acura Integra have VTEC?

November 15, 1994 — Torrance, Calif. The Integra features two distinct engines. The GS-R model features a 1.8-liter engine equipped with the Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system pioneered in the Acura NSX. …

What does LS mean in Integra?

luxury sport
WheelerDealer answered 14 years ago. If you check this Specs page:, you’ll see that the LS (luxury sport) and RS (rally sport) have the same engine, but the LS has antilock brakes and air-conditioning, and the LS hatchback has a sunroof.

How can I make my Acura Integra faster?

Turbocharge or supercharge your engine. One of the most effective methods of gaining a significant amount of horsepower from your Integra is by installing a turbocharger or a supercharger. Both of these methods force more air to move through your engine faster, increasing power.

What’s the difference between Acura Integra GS and LS?

LS is the general name for the RS and GS models. The GS is just the more luxurious version of the RS, with leather instead of cloth, a spoiler, and a few other amenities. They share the same engine. The only difference between the GS and GSR is the engine.

What year Integra is the best?

Car and Driver magazine named the Integra to its annual Ten Best list six times: in 1987, 1988, and 1994 through 1997. The GS-R model was called out specifically in 1994 and 1995. It made a return on the Ten Best list as the Acura RSX, in 2002 and 2003.

How can I make my b18 faster?

Re: How to make my stock b18c accelerate faster [QUOTE=jerryegk24;42915131]You want to accelerate faster start by putting more proformance parts in your motor and you should accelerate faster.

Are Integra fast?

This time, the turbocharged Integra ran 201.07 mph, eclipsing its previous speed and making it the fastest front-wheel-drive car ever in the half-mile.

What does Acura GSR stand for?

The GSR (GS-R), which means ‘Grand Sport Racing, is very different from all of the ones mentioned above. This type has all the features and more. Most significantly, it has a B18C1 DOHC VTEC engine, which generates 170 hp at 8000 rpm. It is a truly more powerful beast compared to the other Integras.

What Integra model is the best?

Top 10 Honda / Acura Integra Builds

  • Jatuphon Manpatarapong’s 1998 Honda Integra Sedan.
  • Daniel Stoicescu’s 2001 Acura Integra LS.
  • Matty Kotsifakis’s 1999 Honda Integra Type R.
  • Thakornchaiwut Pakeesuk’s 1998 Honda Integra.
  • Todd Grant’s 2000 Acura Integra GS-R.
  • Allan Robinson 1998 Acura Integra.

Where can I buy performance parts for my Acura Integra?

Our extensive and continuing experience with the current and the latest performance parts for the Acura Integra from more than 60 of the established aftermarket parts manufacturers provides us with the know-how when it comes to choosing only the highest quality parts for the Acura Integra platform.

When did the Honda Integra come out in America?

The Honda Integra, marketed in North America as the Acura Integra, is an automobile produced by Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda from 1986 to 2006. It succeeded the Honda Quint as a more luxurious and sport-oriented derivative of the Civic.

What kind of gearbox does a Honda Integra have?

There were two variants of the top DOHC VTEC model, the RSi, and the XSi. The RSi was the base model with a lighter weight thanks to wind-up windows, no rear spoiler and few options. Early RSi models also featured the S1 gearbox with slightly closer gear ratios than the Y1 fitted to the XSi.

What’s the quarter mile time of a Honda Integra?

The XSi was the fully optioned variant with climate control and optional sunroof and ABS. The XSi had a 0–100 km/h (62 mph) time of 7.2 seconds and can complete a standing quarter mile in 15.1 seconds.