Does 2008 Acura MDX have transmission problems?

Does 2008 Acura MDX have transmission problems?

It’s a type of car problem that’s not hard to notice. Acura MDX transmission problems can present themselves as shifting delays, grinding or jumping during acceleration, a feeling of shakiness, or whistling noises and a burning smell coming from under the hood.

Is the 2008 Acura MDX reliable?

In government crash tests, the 2008 Acura MDX earned a top five-star rating in both frontal and side-impact tests. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the MDX a top score of “Good” for occupant protection in frontal offset and side-impact crashes.

Is it worth it to fix transmission?

Rebuilding a transmission can save you a lot of money over the short-term, while keeping car payments out of your monthly budget. For many, rebuilding their transmission is worth the initial cost. Rebuilding a transmission may cost you twenty-five hundred dollars or more, which is a significant chunk of change.

Are Acura transmissions reliable?

Even though Acura makes dependable vehicles, transmission slipping, poor shifting, shudder, or skipping are some problems that Acura owners often face. Acura transmission problems can start as early as 60,000 miles and are typically noticeable in cold weather or at startup.

Why is my torque converter not working on my Acura MDX?

If you have let it go too long and got to those switches too late, you could have burned up your TC. If your sensors were not replaced in time, this could have caused your torque converter to overheat and become damaged. The most common weak point in the automatic transmission of late model Acura’s is actually the torque converter.

When to check the transmission on an Acura MDX?

If you have an early year model MDX, you may want to have it checked out for any recall work that could be done. If you have flushed and changed the fluids, switches and even changed out the torque converter, and soon thereafter still had transmissions issues, it’s time to consider your options.

What to do if your Acura TL is having transmission problems?

Once the problem is fixed, you can go to Transmission menu > Erase Codes to reset the transmission fault codes. Let’s take a look at common Acura transmission problems. A common problem that affects many Acura (such as TL and MDX) is transmission shudder and vibrations when driving.

What happens if you have a misfire on an Acura MDX?

The P0306 trouble code will trigger the MDX’s service engine soon light. The vehicle itself may begin to run rough. It depends on how serious the misfire is. The vehicle may produce excess vibration, especially at lower RPM. Fuel mileage may suffer. You may smell raw gas coming from the tailpipe.

When did the Acura MDX have a transmission problem?

The model years 2001-2003 saw the slippage of the gears in the transmission. Numerous complaints were reported over this. The only way to resolve this problem was to replace or rebuild the transmission. In most cases, it was at the cost of the owners.

Is the Acura MDX a good car to buy?

The Acura MDX saw fewer complaints overall in the other models, except for 2014, which was their bad year for the engine. Other than that, it bounced back fairly well and continues to go strong today.

Why does my Acura MDX shake at high speeds?

Some of the earlier models of the Acura MDX gave owners lots of grief as well as headaches with the transmission. Some owners experienced slippage in the gears, while other owners felt their MDX vehicle vibrate during road trips at certain speeds. Anywhere from 20-50 miles per hour caused lots of MDX owners to feel their cars shake.

Why does my Acura MDX have a burning smell?

This may be because of a transmission issue too. Once you notice that burning smell, it’s time to head to an auto shop right away. This burning stench is often an indication that your transmission is overheating. The smell could also mean that the transmission fluid is worn and old- and burning.