Do you need to swap gears in Isuzu Trooper?

Do you need to swap gears in Isuzu Trooper?

You don’t have to use a 2.8. The 3.1 (91-92 Rodeos) is a direct drop in. If you use the Rodeo transmission, you will need to swap speedometer gears – both of them. There is also the option of using a GM 3.4. This engine was used in the Camaros.

Can a 1994 Isuzu Trooper be a 5 Speed Stick?

A 1994 Trooper 3.2 automatic, and currently am converting a 1991 2.8 automatic Trooper to a 5 speed stick (ouch! more work than I thought it would be) Dennis im also interested in swapping the same engine into a 1988 trooper.Ofcourse i will have to look for a 3.2 v6 along with the manual tranny and housing..but is it possible?

When did Isuzu Trooper 3.2L come out?

My friend crashed her Trooper LS, 3.2L, manufactured in April 1993, Automatic transmission, 225,000 miles. Her parents diligently maintained the car before giving it to her. It seemed to run perfectly and the truck was in great shape. The car was totalled but the motor appears to be undamaged.

What kind of engine does a 1995 Trooper have?

My 1995 Trooper was totaled by rear end collision. The motor had 140K miles, but ran perfectly. That was a few years ago. The most cost effective thing you can do is buy another Trooper that has a good motor but is rough otherwise so the price is low. Then go look for the supercharger add-on if you want a wild update.

When did the Isuzu Trooper LS come out?

I have a 3.2L Trooper LS manufactured NOV 1992, standard transmission, 152,000 miles. I acquired it from a friend who had purchased it maybe 5 years and close to 10,000 miles before it came to me. He had it looked at before he purchased it and could not get a clear diagnosis about the excessively loud tapping sound that eminates when it runs.

How big are the Pistons in the Isuzu Trooper?

3.5 liter pistons were notorious for burning oil due to small holes. Drilling more/bigger ones help Last edited by DutchBro on Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:26 pm, edited 18 times in total. I believe the 2nd gen Rodeo had the Daewoo/Holden 2.2 4 cylinder, not the Isuzu 2.6 that was in the trooper, but I could be wrong.