Do you have to get repair done at dealer?

Do you have to get repair done at dealer?

Then there’s the common claim that modern cars are ‘too complex’ for independent repair shops to work on properly, and that only dealers have the equipment and expertise required to work on the newest, and most advanced models. The latter feels persuasive at first.

How to sue a used vehicle dealer in Small Claims Court?

The key to winning this sort of case is to produce a witness to the dealer’s laudatory statements about the vehicle, copies of ads that state the car is in good shape, and anything else that will back up your story. There also may be an implied warranty. There are two types of implied warranties.

When do you have problems with your car dealer?

If your car has lots of problems, your dealer or mechanic might be screwing it up when trying to find other problems. If you have problems immediately after having your car serviced, it may have been the mechanic’s fault. Examples: transmission problems after transmission servicing or fluid change.

What to do if you have a dispute with a car dealer?

There are many resources for those who are having a dispute with a dealer or a car company, including, for people who have lots of problems with a new car, lemon law replacement; each state’s lemon law information is in your owner’s manual package.

What happens when a dealer can’t diagnose a problem?

When you take the car to the dealership and explain your problem, you are met with questions and doubt. The mechanic takes the car to diagnose the problem and tells you he cannot find anything wrong with it. The dealer may say that there is a “failure to duplicate” the problem and you are left hanging. Why does this happen and what can you do?

What should I do if I have a service problem with a car dealer?

Ask to see the precise items they actually used. Challenge them on it. You might not get them to knock it off your bill, but you should try. You also said that dealer service departments too often recommend fluid flushes and replacements that aren’t called for by the owner’s manual.

What to do if your dealer says Your Warranty is not covered?

If the service department agent claims that the warranty doesn’t cover the repair, consider taking the following steps: Speak with the dealer service agent’s supervisor. Take the car to another authorized dealer’s service center.

What are the ground rules for dealing with a car dealer?

Before we go on, though, let us set out two ground rules: Always be calm and courteous, even when you are not treated well. The service guy might just be right — we at least need to be open to that possibility. Most car dealers are independently owned and are protected by a thick wall of franchise laws, so automakers have limited leverage.