Do you have a VCT solenoid in your car?

Do you have a VCT solenoid in your car?

If you do, there is a chance that it might have a VCT solenoid inside of it. Even though it’s just a small component of Ford’s Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) technology, it plays a big role in the overall well-being of many Ford vehicles and will need to be replaced if it’s not working properly.

Why does my VCT solenoid burn so much fuel?

Like we talked about earlier, your VCT system is set up to make your car more fuel efficient than it would be otherwise. If you see that it’s burning through fuel too fast, it could be because of your VCT solenoid. You can turn this around by having your old VCT solenoid replaced with a new one.

What does the p0014 do on a VVT?

VVT uses camshaft actuators to adjust the position of the cam. When the camshaft timing will not return to a less aggressive profile after heavy engine load, P0014 will be thrown. P0014 affects bank 1, which is on the side of the engine where cylinder one occurs in the firing order.

What is the micro screen filter on a VCT solenoid?

A VCT solenoid has a housing that is equipped with a micro-screen filter that’s designed to keep it as clean as possible for the most part. But over time, oil, sludge, and other debris can build up around it and cause complications in the way that it works.

What are the symptoms of a faulty VVT solenoid?

Variable Valve Timing Solenoid Symptoms. These days, since most newer vehicles have variable valve timing, VVT solenoid failure is fairly common. A faulty VVT solenoid can cause several problems. The most common include: Illuminated Check Engine Light

What do you need to know about VCT solenoids?

Before we get too far into discussing VCT solenoids and what they do, it’s essential for you to have a solid understanding of Ford’s game-changing Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) technology. It’s a variable valve timing technology that was developed specifically for Ford vehicles at around the turn of the century.

What do you call a variable valve timing solenoid?

The VVT technology may be commonplace, but many companies use different brand and patent names for the same system. Many applications for the Spectra VVT Solenoid bear another original equipment name: Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing / Variable Camshaft Timing Visit our online catalog. How Does a VVT Solenoid Work?

Is the VVT solenoid like the brain of the system?

The VVT solenoid is like the brain of the VVT system, so it’s important to have a smart one.