cloud working and Clickworkers

cloud working and Clickworkers

Yet it came to innovation and the free Skimming of intelligent and creative minds. They call it Crowdsourcing. In addition, the cloud working, and the click working have established two more forms.

The cloud working end of the Freelancer pushes between companies that offer work orders, and demand a Portal. Both, providers as customers, on sites such as TopCoder, the Australian or the German offshoot of Elance-oDesk for their respective Profiles. On Elance-oDesk, more than 30,000 business profiles. A Freelancer can quickly get to jobs that match your qualifications.

For companies, this is a cost-effective way, orders, and projects without large commitments in terms of long-term bond. German work protection rights no longer play a role. The local programmer is now with the whole world of work in competition with the Indian or Spanish colleagues, two, three euros hourly wage may seem to be already adequate. The easy availability of cloud workers will make to the labour market for employees and have a negative impact.

And then the many, not of the language with a level of Expertise such as software development, the Translation of foreign publications, or illustrations can proliferate for advertising. The only settlement of monotonous routines left, the left of the computer left, so-called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). Here it comes to the exploitation of those crouching already on the edge of the world of work, and also by the cloud working have no Chance to come in reasonably comfortable working conditions.

In this category, the Internet is an expanding low-Skilled against low pay in automated business processes. For this, the metaphor of the click work, you will have to fill in information modeling gaps. In the global Economy, millions of people are now for a couple of Euro per hour, this monotonous piece-work, as in the days of Taylor and Ford on the Assembly line. The contact between suppliers and customers is mostly anonymous. Exploiters and Exploited, to take these orders from Existenznot, not meet.

Von Cloudworking und ClickworkernExamples are the Review of the CD covers on sexual content, to Extract data from web pages or the ability to tag images with keywords. Far Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform (MTurk) and the platform common. Also common workers, the recruitment of Click, positive reviews of the Videos and posts to fake. A small consolation for all Cloud and on – Clickworker: On the free platform Turkopticon, you can assess the jobs offering companies with regard to Fairness and contractual compliance. A little more equality of Arms between potential Cloud and clickworkers, and providers.

The Failure of Outsourcing efforts and their “side-effects” rarely come to light. It comes to disturbances in the control operation, which is not seldom the case, the modern, digitalised enterprise architectures is obvious.

The Text comes from the current book to The Google’s core and other spider web of Arno Rolf, and Arno Sagawe – available at well-assorted bookstores and online. The book anticipates the future. It describes the exact way of our society in the Digital world – in the Smart society. Invisible is now visible.