China Moved the middle Kingdom?

China Moved the middle Kingdom?

Speculation and dare reports on the Chinese inter-Bank market on terror in these days the investors worldwide. China’s banks have a liquidity problem and, in part, paid for Overnight-loans of up to 25%. This can have ruinous consequences and impact on a global scale.

China’s banks have always been more than opaque. But what we noticed in the past few days, all we want to know better. Because there is a massive liquidity crisis in the Chinese inter-Bank market. Memories of the time shortly after Lehman Broth. come back high.

What makes the Situation in China is so complex and multi-layered, is that we have no concrete insight. We don’t even know whether China has generated in the past few years, really and truly the published Figures. What we do know, however, is that China has a very large shadow banking system in addition to the official. China are more myths than it shows definite answers. What is clear, however, is everything as it seems at first glance. At least you can assume that this is currently so.

The question now is, spilled over the Chinese Influenza or is it a to be considered in isolation to the Problem? The next few weeks will give a clearer view.

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