change of perspective car – understand foreign cultures

change of perspective car – understand foreign cultures

Punctuality is the virtue of the Germans, while in France it is a flexible term. In China, a weak handshake is considered polite. And in England, a “How are you?” Part of the greeting ritual, but no one expected a truthful answer. These examples make clear the importance of intercultural competences in everyday life. The book basic concepts of intercultural communication from Hamid Reza Yousefi shows, such as dialogues between different cultures to succeed.

The author discusses are easy to understand the basic concepts of intercultural communication, such as culture, identity, and tolerance. He also deals with obstacles in the communication related to the claim for the absolute, or the creation of prejudices and stereotypes in our cultural logic. Numerous examples and graphics to promote the access to the topic.

The book is aimed at students of media and communication studies, sociology, education, theology, and to interested practitioners.

The author: PD Dr. Hamid Reza Yousefi teaches history of philosophy and intercultural philosophy at the University of Koblenz. He is also the founding President of the Institute for the promotion of the interculturality in Trier.


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Perspektivenwechsel wagen – fremde Kulturen verstehen


Hamid Reza Yousefi

Basic concepts of intercultural communication

126 Pages , 25 Images (S/W)

ISBN 978-3-8252-4127-8

€ (D) 14,99