Can I replace rear struts myself?

Can I replace rear struts myself?

Strut Replacement Replacing struts used to be a dangerous job for a DIYer. You’ll have to get an alignment done afterward (about $100), but you’ll still save about $300 by doing the job yourself. You’ll need rust penetrant, wrenches, a pin punch or large screwdriver, and a thin piece of plywood.

Do you need alignment after replacing rear struts?

Re: Do I need an alignment after rear strut replacement? As long as you remove ONLY the strut hardware and you don’t pull bolts out for the LCA, UCA, or the knuckle, the alignment should not change unless ride height changes significantly. You do not need an alignment when installing new shocks.

How much does it cost to replace struts?

The average cost for a strut replacement generally runs between $450 and $900 to replace a pair. If you are just replacing a single strut, the repair price will come to between $130 and $300, while labor will cost you between $150 and $300 for the pair.

Can you replace just one strut?

It’s not necessary, but it is recommended to replace them in pairs.

How to replace shocks and struts in Dodge Neon?

Lift the front end of the Neon with a floor jack and support it by the frame with jack stands. Loosen and remove the nuts securing the front wheels with a tire iron and set the front wheels aside. Locate the struts under the front undercarriage of the Neon.

How do you remove a strut from a neon?

Remove the nut midway down the back of the strut securing the ground strap to it. Also remove the bracket holding on the anti-lock brake sensor and the brake hose. Use a wrench and a ratchet to unbolt the strut-to-knuckle bolts and remove the upper mounting nuts. Pull the strut out and repeat this step on the other side of the Neon.

How do you replace struts on a Dodge Caravan?

Replace the Front Struts in a Caravan Raise your Caravan with a jack, and support the frame with jack stands. Remove the front wheels with a tire iron, and locate the strut assemblies. They look like two tubes that slide in and out of each other and connect to the steering knuckle and the frame of the minivan.

How do you install a new strut on a car?

Installing a New Strut Install the completed strut assembly back into the steering knuckle. Replace the bolts, leaving them finger tight, allowing the assembly to move freely. Place the strut assembly back into the strut tower and replace the strut tower bolts.