Can a new radio drain your battery?

Can a new radio drain your battery?

As a general rule, before fixing a car stereo draining battery, you need to know if the stereo is old or newly installed. If the stereo is old, it can drain the battery due to a faulty relay. If a radio is newly installed, it is most likely wired to a fuse that receives power when the engine is off.

Can a radio cause a car battery to drain?

If your charging system isn’t working properly, your car battery can be draining even when you’re driving. If your lights, radio, and other things are running off your alternator, your car battery will drain and you could end up with car battery failure.

Can a faulty radio drain car battery?

Faulty Charging If your charging system isn’t working properly, your car battery can drain even while you’re driving. Many cars power their lights, radio, and other systems from the alternator, which can make the battery drain worse if there’s a charging problem.

Why does my car battery go dead after a few days?

Some have had the dead battery problem because of a bad cell in the battery, faulty battery cables, a bad diode in the alternator, or even a problem in the car’s radio. A dead battery after a few days has been a problem on several makes of car, not just my 2012 Hyundai Sonata.

When was the last time my car battery was replaced?

Battery replaced in July 2014 Battery replaced again in Feb 2015. New battery problems started again with recent cold weather. Called dealership who told me battery only has 12 mo / 12 mi warranty.

Is there a way to drain a battery in one day?

That seems like a tiny amount, but a single incandescent dome light pulls enough power to drain a battery in one day. Remember that the drain doesn’t have to take your battery to zero overnight, just low enough for it to not start.

What causes a car battery to drain in the morning?

If your alternator has a bad diode, your battery can drain. The bad alternator diode can cause the circuit to charge even when the engine is shut off, and you end up in the morning with a car that won’t start. 5. Extreme Temperature

Can a car battery run down while listening to the radio?

There is no possible way that a good battery would have run down in less than an hour of listening to the radio with the engine off. Heck, lots of people forget their headlights on, which use way more power than a factory stereo, for way longer than an hour, and their car still starts after that.

Can a new battery cause a car to die?

I bought a new battery and a week later the car is dead again. The car has been sitting in the shop for a week and they do not know what is wrong?:cryin: Its not the altinater?

What happens if you listen to the radio for an hour?

An hour listening to the radio should not kill your battery unless you have a big amp and speakers. The dude who jumped my car checked the battery with a device that said it was in good shape. Thank you both for trying to help though!

Why does my car battery keep dying after I Turn Off the lights?

If you come back half an hour or an hour later, and things like the headlights are still on, that’s probably why your battery is dying. If you don’t see anything obvious, like headlights or a dome light left on, then the next thing to check is the battery itself.