Can a competent person pull a DNO fuse?

Can a competent person pull a DNO fuse?

in order to pull the DNO to insure that the person dose not work live.the electricity work act. e.g. by ask the DNO to put a isolator in after the DNO fuse before the work is started down to the cost to the customer. the competent person is person that has been inspected by their body.or fully quilifed to do so.

Can a registered Sparks pull a DNO fuse?

There are some suppliers who will allow registered sparks to pull fuses… And no you won’t find a definitive answer …… Hi KP and welcome to the Forum ! The fuse is owned and maintained by your DNO company and so they have the say.

Is there a way to remove a DNO fuse?

Discuss DNO fuse – who can remove it? in the DIY Electrical Forum area at Hi, as my profile says I’m not a sparky but I’ve wired up the odd light switch and socket! I know my limitations and take safety very seriously but I like learning.

What should I do if I pull out the fuses?

If you pull out the blocks (they normally contain a pair of cartridge fuses) be sure to pull them fully out quickly. This is not the time to be tentative, just pull them out. The same goes for plugging them back in in the ‘ON’ positin. Push them in quickly and firmly.

Why are four screw in fuses not working?

The four screw-in fuses are for branch circuits. If only a few of your lights or receptacles don’t work, it’s probably because one of those fuses is open (blown). YOu can usually tell which is bad because it will have a blackened face, or (for the time delay type) the spring inside will be short rather than stretched out.

Where does the word off appear on a fuse box?

February 26, 2007. bus_driver Some of the fuse blocks have a notch in the side that that permits reading the marking on the side of the contact base. The word “OFF” will appear in the notch when the pullout block is reversed. That word is covered when the block is in the “ON” position.

What to do with an old fuse box?

Turn it over and you’ll see the two main cartridge fuses. (You can see a bit of the cartridges through the holes in the blocks, in your picture.) Carefully pull the fuses out. Put the block back into the panel, upside down as above. Then take the fuses to your hardware or electrical store for testing and, if necessary, replacement.