Can a bad AC compressor break a serpentine belt?

Can a bad AC compressor break a serpentine belt?

Hi there, yes, the air conditioning compressor is capable of breaking the serpentine belt a couple of ways. If the AC compressors seizes while operating, the shock load can snap the serpentine belt. Replacing the serpentine belt tensioner and idler pulley at the same time as the belt is always a good idea.

Why does the serpentine belt keep coming off?

The serpentine belt need constant tension on the belt to keep it from coming off. If the belt alignment is not aligned then the belt may come off. The tensioner may be out of alignment and not putting enough tension on the belt. Have a mechanic check the tensioner and replace it if needed.

What happens when the AC belt breaks?

The serpentine belt is also known as an alternator belt, fan belt, or accessory drive belt. If your serpentine belt wears out, becomes damaged or contaminated, or breaks, engine accessories will not be able to spin at the proper speed, leading to decreased power to the electrical system.

What causes pulley misalignment?

This can be due to idler drag, low installation tension, belt wear, degradation of the tensioner spring, a belt that’s too long, seized bearings, or contaminants of the same type that cause chirping. Additionally, if the belt is wet from getting splashed, it could lose traction.

Is it possible to put a serpentine belt on wrong?

NOTE: A serpentine belt will usually go on only one way. In some instances it may be possible to install a serpentine belt the wrong way. If this happens, one or more pulleys will rotate in the WRONG direction, affecting the operation of the alternator, water pump, A/C compressor or power steering pump.

Can a broken AC compressor cause the serpentine belt to snap?

If the AC clutch bearing seizes while the AC compressor is not operating, the belt can snap then as well. Replacing the serpentine belt tensioner and idler pulley at the same time as the belt is always a good idea. They wear out too!

What to do when your serpentine belt breaks?

The ac clutch wheel is still spinning so I disconnect the compressor so it can act as a bypass until I am able to replace it then installed a new belt. However the belt broke after a couple to drives. Will replacing tension and idle pulley resolve the issue of the belt breaking?

What causes belt to slip on idler pulley?

Over time, as the pulley spins against the belt, both components will eventually start to wear. This may lead to visible scoring marks on the surface of the pulley, as a result of contact with the belt. Eventually the pulley and belt will wear to the point of reducing tension, which may lead to the belt slipping. 2. Belt squealing

Why does my idler pulley squeal when I Turn on the engine?

Another common symptom of a possible issue with the idler pulley is squealing from the engine belts. If the surface of the idler pulley wears, or the pulley seizes or binds it may cause the engine belt to squeal as a result of it rubbing against the surface of the pulley.

What causes a serpentine belt to get stuck?

The main reason, in most cases, will be a stuck pulley from one of the devices (alternator, AC compressor, power steering pump etc) or a tensioner. A stuck pulley is mostly caused by a worn out bearing. The belt slides over a motionless pulley causing extensive friction, heat and the recognizable sound.

What causes a belt to squeak over pulleys?

Squeaking is caused because the belt is slipping over the pulleys. The slipping is caused because the belt loses ability to produce enough friction between itself and the pulleys (mostly due to material fatigue).

Is the water pump driven by the serpentine belt?

Another important device driven by the serpentine belt is the water pump. This is not always the case as on a lot of cars the water pump is driven by the timing belt. You should have this in mind so you don’t falsely “accuse” the serpentine belt for overheating.