Bye, Bye WG-Stress

Bye, Bye WG-Stress

(Press release) The residential community is among students the most popular form of accommodation. According to the 20. Social survey of the Deutsches Studentenwerk’ll be around 29 percent of the students in a WG. But the want to live together to be organized: Who will bring the garbage out? Who is this week Cleaning? Who has friends to visit and who needs to learn? The WG-planner (UVK Lucius/utb) brings order into the daily Chaos and ensures a good mood.


The WG-planner contains a DIN A2 calendar, including week plan, for a period of six months, in the the other occupants, all appointments, tasks, and responsibilities. Six colorful door Hanger with tasks, text messages, or tips to complete the WG-planner and make it an indispensable companion. With the Test: “Which is the WG type am I?”

The rent planner is aimed at all who will be staying in a WG, or soon will be.


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Bye, bye WG-Stress

WG planner

Spring/Summer 2015

DIN A2 calendar

6 door Hanger

ISBN 978-3-8252-8620-0

ET 18.02.2015

€ (D) 7,99