authors ‘ book fair

authors ‘ book fair

The non-fiction book authors, Michael Bloss (greed for Gold) and Oliver Bendel (revenge of The Nerds), held in the framework of the UVK:Events at the Frankfurt book fair, a lecture trilogy.




The program on Friday with Michael Bloss

11.00 Am: The Myth Of Gold

13.00 o’clock: Gold and the economy

15.00: buy Gold?

Autoren auf der Buchmesse

Gold is determined in a variety of ways in our life. Michael Bloss, author of the book “The greed for Gold,” explores the precious metal from three exciting view: What is the religious significance of Gold. What is the role of it in the monetary and financial system and why is discovered Gold more as a personal value system?

Michael Just had his lectures no doubt that he and Gold are in a special relationship to each other.


The program on Saturday with Oliver Bendel

11.00 PM: the Moral of The information society – or – What is information ethics?

13.00: Proper behavior on the net: Netiquette, guidelines, codes

15.00: search engines in review: The Matthew effect

The Nerds determine the course of the world. But you always know what you are doing, what are the consequences of their Actions, for themselves, for us, in your country, around the world? In a compact lecture series, Oliver Bendel, author of the book answered “revenge of The Nerds”, three important questions of the digital age.

The lecture trilogy on the information ethics has shown that Oliver Bendel has come across with his book, a long overdue discourse. Long discussions with the deeply interested listeners are an indication that the subject will burn many under the nails.