Gold and Christmas

The Magi bring the child to, among other things, Gold as a gift. Even today, the color Gold plays a big role in our Christmas decorations. But why is it so? Gold – both as color as well as the tactile metal – enthusiastic people. Gold, the metal and the color of kings and emperors […]

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2013 – A year ahead of view

“The year knows his last day… You know Your not!” We read in a famous poem by Erich Kästner. But as far as we want, it is now also not come. Normally, the time is now for a review of the year to come. But what happened, most people know anyway. Therefore, we dare. Admittedly, […]

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The crisis and the Gold

The Eurozone in the debt crisis as slow nails with heads. Or rather; she’s trying to,as Michael Bloss from the EIFD says. “I’m not quite so optimistic, that everything really is so, as we have at the moment planned,” says Bloss. The expert, however, thought that it should be for the Euro in quiet. In […]

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Doha climate summit, but business summit

WG earth: The world community is sitting hopelessly at odds in the trash The Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e. V. has worn in a Comedy Comic, the positions of the world community to the climate change conference in Doha. The principle of the residential community also applies here: “to Each his own, and […]

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Greece, and no end of

It was a long night sitting – the result: New funding for Greece are approved. A debt relief is not for the time being, but more time to get the Land. So, what’s next? What is the role of Gold in this together? There are many who say, we told you the same. Why is […]

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Gold, and the myth of the eternal Divine

The question why Gold is so fascinating, why so many human emotions are connected, and why the man ever since he can remember, that is why fights in our socialization, education and Religion.Not since the dance around the Golden calf (see Exodus 32) is shown a direct relation between Gold, the metal, and God. It […]

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