at The right time in the right place: The project controller, as a major service provider

at The right time in the right place: The project controller, as a major service provider

The concept of Controlling is adopted in the economic literature. The Controlling generally be attributed to four features:

  • Information supply function: From this perspective, is the procurement and preparation of information for Management in the foreground.
  • Coordination function: This perspective represents the coordination of the various management subsystems, in particular the coordination of planning and control in the center.
  • Rationality securing the guide: Controlling helps the desire and/or shortcomings of the management to compensate, so in spite of the rationality deficits of economically rational Action.
  • The success of target-based management: From this perspective, the consistent goal alignment and securing of the desired earnings targets in the center.

Here it is clear that the project is controlling only to the planning and control of costs, but that the Controlling also a particular, is a service and support function for all of the project management role tasks. In addition, the project controller has the important task of the connection between project controlling multi-project controlling and/or business controlling.

The project controller is thus an important pillar of the project Manager and supports the planning, management and control processes, so the entire management process, from project start to completion of the project. Its task is, in particular, deviations from the project plan at an early stage and to formulate proposals for corrective surgery. For the detection of plan deviations by the Controller is necessary to develop appropriate indicators and measurement methods.

Also in the Definition of the DIN standard 69901-5:2009-01, it is clear that it is the totality of the objectives of the project and not only to the control object “cost”: Here project controlling is defined as “a position of achieving all project objectives-data collection,-To-comparison, analysis of deviations, assessment of deviations, where appropriate, with corrective suggestions, measures planning, control of implementation of measures”.

One of the most important tasks of the project controller is to support the project leader at the right time, with the current, transparent information. Thus, he creates the basis for informed decisions by the project Manager.

Project management and corporate management are in a tight change – and success-dependent relationship. The teaching and the book shows this in an incomparable way: The text is taken from the book project management.

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