Daily Archives: 2018-10-31

On the examination of learning – where

On 4. October is the start. Then, you can purchase the learning cards, learning sheets, and learning books to various tests in the book trade and the Internet. We in the editorial office now to get the first learning cards truly to the face. We are pleased that the students at universities and universities of […]

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Knowledge Check Behavioral Finance

The book Behavioral Finance is now offered in UTB, a knowledge Check Excel-based: 240, interactive knowledge questions. The knowledge Check is used to Check the performance of Behavioral Finance and is based on the eponymous book by Rolf J. Some and Máté Facsar. The knowledge Check comprises of 12 fields of Knowledge with 20 questions, […]

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ethics – what is it?

All the world is concerned with fundamental ethical questions. Often terms such as morals, ethics, Ethos, etc. synonym. So it is time, in particular, the code of ethics to illuminate term. The ethics can be more generally characterized as the doctrine or the science of morality and Ethos, so to the human Action, which can […]

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Ethics and human resource management

Managers in all industries, the question often: How do I design a good governance relationship? Purely economic standpoint, of the employees of a company is a production factor that should be like a machine as efficiently as possible. The “human resource” human resources for the purpose of making a profit. Morally can be challenged, however, […]

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