Daily Archives: 2018-10-26

mixing of fiction and reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) combines the real and digital worlds to create an interactive and immersive experience. Whether Information or Entertainment – the new realities change the way we interact with Content. For companies and agencies intriguing application opportunities – Smartphones, Tablets, or with AR – and MR-glasses. The 2., revised and […]

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health behavior through Marketing and communication have a positive influence

Unhealthy Lifestyle factors such as Smoking, lack of exercise or malnutrition-are responsible for the increase in chronic-degenerative diseases. Prevention and health promotion is therefore becoming increasingly important. To be able to your effectiveness at all unfold, prevention to be applied the measures, known and participants won. The New Release Prevention Marketing. Target – and risk […]

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Tourist transport from A to Z

Tourism is without transport is unthinkable. The bandwidth of tourist transport company is extremely diverse. On Board a cruise ship or a Lairds ‘ estates, the means of locomotion is the main tourist attraction. The Handbook of tourism and transport by Sven Groß, provides a structured and comprehensive Overview of (almost) all tourist means of […]

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The context of a choice can be crucial

Whether a choice or a vote is won or lost, depends, sometimes, from the context of factors and events, which can influence the actors. In the case of the election to the Bundestag in 1998, a change was underway. This is not 2017. The Federal election will take place in the context of a prospering […]

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