Daily Archives: 2018-10-24

The Modern: the balance sheet of an era

(Press release) The epoch of Modernity is now replaced by the digital age. Now it is time to take stock: How can be explained the Modern in their entirety? What achievements has she brought forth? The values, objectives and norms of the Modern in the digital age, are now obsolete? Werner Heinrichs’s XL-Band The Modern: […]

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Respectful leadership and corporate culture

(Press release) The labour market in Germany is in a noticeable change. The “Generation Y” in the choice of profession with their focus on the salary or the Profit. Flexible working times and, especially, the appreciation of their work is in the job search are important components. But why the factor of appreciation is gaining […]

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survey: workers are demanding more praise and recognition

Everyone knows the saying: “gifts of friendship.” The small Gestures are what show how much you mean to each other and each other’s estimates. Also in the relationship between boss and employee, it looks no different. Unfortunately, it is lacking in many companies appreciation for the employees, such as a survey (2016). Employee gifts that […]

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human resources management for the sustainable design

Employees are for company is an important resource, because their services are essential to economic success. This is the reason why a lot of companies focus on a sustainable personnel management. The book Sustainable human resources management – Current concepts, innovations and business development of Uta Kirschten provides a comprehensive introduction to the topics of […]

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The standard work in the 8. Edition

The standard work of Bernd Blessin and Alexander Wick, and the Result will appear in the 8. Edition. The authors give a sound Overview of the main approaches and findings of leadership research and comment on them critically. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb. The writing Duo turns into 9 chapters, the science and […]

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