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study and practice

Trends and risks at an early stage, which is an important objective of market research. The new release market research: methods, applications, practical examples of Claudia Fantapi√© Altobelli presents the main methods and areas of application in an understandable way. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb. The author conveys the essential basics of market […]

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tourism in balance with nature and society

Since the 1980s, be looked for in tourism new ways to bring regional economic development with environmental protection and nature conservation, fair working conditions and the appreciation of culture into line. Today, many tourism destinations and companies already rely on sustainable development. The 2., revised edition of the book Sustainable tourism by Hartmut Pure and […]

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growth market with a long Tradition

The health tourism has many facets: in addition to the Wellness and health holiday, Spa and rehabilitation tourism and medical tourism. All of these are promising growth markets for destinations. In order to secure the competitiveness of modern health destinations, there is a need to focus on many of the new market-oriented, dynamic processes. The […]

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Why cyclists are the more successful Manager

From interns to Board members on the road bike everything. The always self-generated Speed, the man brings himself to his own limits, but also the blind trust, if you rely completely on a new Team, make the bike unique. We are not able to transfer a variety of experiences that we experience on the road […]

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The healthcare IT correct

The importance of information management in the healthcare sector is growing rapidly. Modern concepts such as a paperless hospital, health telematics, E-Health and digital medicine for this development. The book information management in health care by Walter Swoboda discusses the fundamentals and current developments in the information management in the health care and also includes […]

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