Daily Archives: 2018-10-21

The right way to deal with the literature

(Press release) Many students work in the Form of a review of the literature opt for a bachelor’s degree. Aim of this Overview is to present the existing Knowledge in a specific subject area in a compact Form. This requires not only expertise, but also a high level of information and writing skills. The new […]

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The driver’s license exam: targeted preparation

For Learning on the driving test, it is good to use a variety of media, as this will have as many senses as possible are addressed. This makes it easier for the brain to Learn and Retain. The theoretical lessons at the driving school and the individual lessons are very valuable basics. However, participation alone […]

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food and beverage cards right

(Press release) In Germany, there are more than 220,000 hotel and catering businesses. They generate each year billions in sales. The food and drinks have an important role to play. It is not only the flagship, but also allows you to surprise the guest and to convince. The potential of map use, however, a few […]

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step-by-step for internship report

(Press release) In a physical placement of students of engineering and natural Sciences. In the preparation of the corresponding reports often, elementary errors are made. The reason for this is The internship report, there is much to consider, e.g., the correct representation of Measuring, Reading and counting errors. The counselor of The internship report writing […]

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sustainability controlling is on the upswing

Sustainability controlling is the only step in the entrepreneurial practice, because often there are “more important things to do”. “If you want sustainability in the company and in the Controlling of anchoring, you must know that it is a multistage process that requires a clear direction, patience, and commitment,” says Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sailer, author […]

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