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Strategic deliberations and their mandates – a survey

In the Wake of the publication of the 8. Edition of the subject and teaching the book of classic Strategic Management of Franz Xaver Bea, Jürgen Haas led the editorial office UVK Lucius in Munich, Germany a survey of German consulting companies for strategy consulting projects. In this case, no representative selection of respondents) due […]

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UVK Lucius/utb with ITB book award “Tourist book” excellent

With the title Sustainable tourism by Hartmut Pure and Wolfgang Strasdas UVK Lucius/utb won the ITB book award in 2016 in the category of “Tourist book”. The independent jury of experts from countries, experts, the media and the book trade justified the award: “The book is as a Textbook and, accordingly, it sets the learning […]

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The third way of the popes

(Press release) the Public image of the Church is often dominated by Extremes: such as magnificent buildings and a waste of the individual searches on the one hand, and a life in modesty and the fight for the poor on the other. By no less than Pope Francis himself, this humility is exemplified. In their […]

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six! Risk management in Germany

For many companies the ability to operate professional risk management. For this reason, projects at risks discovered too late, ignored or simply not be looking for failure. The new release Of the management Board and the risk Manager of Werner Gleißner shows to what an effective risk management distinguishes why a lot of companies don’t […]

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extra-Occupational Wage study: Stress in the evening

(Press release) “the Older I get, always, but I never learn.” The Greek Poet Solon realized, which is confirmed by the increasing Numbers of distance teaching universities. Learning is a life long process. However, to combine study and work is not so easy. Günther Koch shows in his guide Studying as a part-time job. The […]

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