Daily Archives: 2018-10-17

New series at utb: basic knowledge for the course

The first lecture of a new topic, a jump into the cold water is always, because students are confronted with new terms, methods and ways of thinking that they know from school. With regard to the different learning habits of students and the unequal level of knowledge bundles utb in the new series of bridge […]

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cloud working and Clickworkers

Yet it came to innovation and the free Skimming of intelligent and creative minds. They call it Crowdsourcing. In addition, the cloud working, and the click working have established two more forms. The cloud working end of the Freelancer pushes between companies that offer work orders, and demand a Portal. Both, providers as customers, on […]

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The principles of the old and the new Economy

The “old” Economics of industry, retail, banks, etc. built up over decades, step by step, with lots of jobs. You could disappear due to the “new” digital Economy in barely a decade, in large Parts. The “old” Economy is guided by principles such as greater efficiency, rationalisation and capital maximization. The mission statement is the […]

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