Daily Archives: 2018-10-16

Digital Transformation – a step-child of the Economists

The digital Transformation of the unstoppable Transition of the analog in the Computer and Internet dominated world ‒ is forcing many economic and social areas, adapt or invent new, if you want to survive. Eye-catching appearance of this fusion of the real and the digital world: Not only the Internet generation, the older ones have […]

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The prisoner’s dilemma as a decision-making aid

Games of type of the “prisoner’s dilemma” will play in the business administration have a special role and will be presented so extensively. It is a non-cooperative game with two people, everyone decides for themselves, and simultaneously and can achieve advantages at the expense of the other. But it’s not a pure zero-sum game, i.e., […]

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The Google’s core and other spider webs

(Press release) , Arno Rolf, and Arno Sagawe explore whether digital Transformation and stable societies are compatible with each other. The data collecting mania of the Internet giants is no secret, and on the basis of this data base and new digital products, such as home automation, car electronics, drones, digital currencies, etc. penetrates the […]

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