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Management: For a one-goal strategy requires a truly no contractor

Companies are rarely the sole objective of profit maximisation, but several targets side by side, which can also conflict with each other. In addition to the profit, for example. Sales, market share, independence, Power, Prestige, and to observe corporate social responsibility objectives. In the case of concrete decisions on goals such as “profit maximize”, moreover, […]

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Knowledge. Clever in the lecture.

startup stock photos (Press release) If the vacations are inclined to the end, the students working at home with the parents, with the Writing of the house or a part-time job spent, you need to prepare for the new Semester and especially on the new Lectures. Usually, the plan fails however due to a […]

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decision theory: requirements of an ideal system

Also in a company: aims to give information about what we aspire to as a state. In connection with decisions and goals, and the Following are the requirements for an ideal target system to be formulated. Completeness The decision-makers should bear in mind all the important aspects of the consequences. What is actually important, what […]

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Management: Good and bad choices

There are good and bad decisions in companies. And the result often depends on whether the decision is good or bad-structured. The the following examples show. In the simplest case one has a well-structured decision problem to do: The Problem to be solved is defined according to the type and extent of, the decision maker […]

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