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Bye, Bye WG-Stress

(Press release) The residential community is among students the most popular form of accommodation. According to the 20. Social survey of the Deutsches Studentenwerk’ll be around 29 percent of the students in a WG. But the want to live together to be organized: Who will bring the garbage out? Who is this week Cleaning? Who […]

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Digital learning now by MemoStep6 available

The UVK publishing offers textbooks, scientific literature and textbooks for students. Including different formats sinden himself didactically – on learning tailored to needs. The learning cards are now available on the learning platform MemoStep6: the subjects of external economic, accounting, personnel, Economics and micro-Economics. The content created by expert authors, the teach as lecturers at […]

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digital reserve collections are comfortable and quite secure

That lecturers can look forward to:At most universities, the semester apparatus in the shelves of the library are supplemented by the electronic apparatus in the Intranet of the University or been replaced. There, students can download the required materials for their courses free of charge. Also the title of a book from the utb and […]

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Spontaneous a marketing lecture to take

Nothing easier than that! As a lecturer or Professor of teaching tasks you have to jump sometimes at very short notice to step into the breach. And then, it is that there is enough time for the preparation is missing. Not to mention the creation of Powerpoint slides and the position of Exercises and exam […]

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How a book clean water

The author of the utb-book internships as a springboard donates together with the publisher a portion of the proceeds to Viva con Agua. Where is the book? For many students and graduates, internships are important to their theoretical Knowledge. But also to collect contacts to companies that could serve as a springboard for your career. […]

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