Daily Archives: 2018-10-13

the challenge of business English

(Press release) English is the main language. Good knowledge of the school of English, nowadays, is often a prerequisite for entry to the profession. A representative study by the society for consumer research (2013) revealed that only 34 percent of the employed Germans have a sufficient knowledge of English for professional communication. But to be […]

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UVK Lucius for the second Time, the ITB book award “Tourist book” excellent

With the title of International tourism by Albrecht Steinecke UVK Lucius wins the ITB book award 2015 in the category “Tourist book”. The independent jury of experts from countries, experts, the media and the book trade justified the award: “The current book “International tourism” by Professor Albert stone corner represents a comprehensive and systematic way, […]

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The holiday starts on the Web

The decision to Travel on the Internet often begins with search engines such as Google. From there, inspect the travel-hungry to the beaches of satellite images, browse reviews and look for suitable accommodation. The book search engine marketing in tourism Eric Horster goes, both from a theoretical as well as from a practical perspective on […]

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attracting customers through Guerilla Marketing

In order to attract as quickly as possible and in a targeted manner a great deal of attention for potential new customers, offer particularly spectacular actions of the so-called “guerrilla marketing”. Under this term summarises all the measures, the target group, with unconventional methods, unconventional methods of Channels is achieved. This often takes place on […]

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decisions, plan, make and implement successful

In business every day decisions are made. They make a significant contribution to the success. The knowledge and skills of the employees or managers are the basis for all important decisions, and thus have a major influence on the competitiveness. Especially lack of business knowledge are among the most common reasons why companies fail in […]

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