Daily Archives: 2018-10-12

Practice makes perfect

Presentations in front of faculty and fellow students, for students of everyday life. Many are, but just the thought of Holding a lecture nervous. However, successful and confident Present can be learned and practiced. Jens Strong-Wuschko explained in his pocketbook Present in the study to understand and to implement, as students make their presentations effective. […]

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spectre study discontinuation

Around 28 percent of German bachelor students from the break, according to a study conducted by the hochschul-Informations-system (HIS) of 2010 their studies. The reasons for this may not be passing exams, performance residue, loss of interest or loss of motivation. But how to go further? Peter Piolot known as the academic Advisor of this […]

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The right tool for each Problem

The taxes of a company and its business areas not only requires technical and economic Know-how, but also skill and vision. Appropriate tools can provide this support. The business administration has prepared this and developed it further, with a view to changes in management tasks and environments. But what tools, instruments or methods are actually […]

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risk measurement and control

Natural disasters, price fluctuations, payment failures, companies today are confronted more than ever with a variety of risks. In addition to the question of how potential losses are reduced. also, the analysis of potential positive events – opportunities – of great Importance. Therefore, active risk management is a Central Element of a modern corporate management. […]

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