Daily Archives: 2018-10-11

The world in new thinking and design

In times of climate change, resource scarcity and global poverty increase, the concept of sustainability is more and more frequently, and to hear it louder. But what is it? How will the mission statement as a concept and with what instruments? The 2., revised and expanded edition of the book, sustainability by Dr. Iris Pufé […]

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a career instead of coffee cooking

The completion of an internship not only serves to get an insight into the practice and apply what they have learned. It is all about, to establish valuable contacts for your future entry into professional life. That can prove these contacts as a career springboard, shows a study by the Bavarian state Institute for higher […]

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change of perspective car – understand foreign cultures

Punctuality is the virtue of the Germans, while in France it is a flexible term. In China, a weak handshake is considered polite. And in England, a “How are you?” Part of the greeting ritual, but no one expected a truthful answer. These examples make clear the importance of intercultural competences in everyday life. The […]

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The key to success

More and more, the company has established the personnel controlling as an integral part of personnel management. However, as personnel costs and productivity can be specifically controlled? Which key figures are relevant, in order to achieve the company’s goals? The paperback human resource management by Wilhelm Schmeisser, Patrick Sobierajczyk and Anastasia Tin gives a compact […]

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rethinking the economy

Whether pollutants work in tobacco, exorbitant bonuses accounts at banks or plagiarism in doctor in the last few years in Germany, ethical issues in Public and in the media have been increasingly discussed. But how ethical behaviour can be embedded in our economy in a sustainable way? What are the contributions to the implementation can […]

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