Daily Archives: 2018-10-08

From idea to finished work

The Making of a scientific work: finding a topic, literature filtering, and finally a Text in the technical language of writing, of course, just-in-time. The necessary tools of the trade provides the guidance to Scientific Work in the Economics of Beate Gleitsmann and Christiane Suthaus. Everything you need to know for scientific Writing, time planning […]

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From lecture hall to Executive chair

Finally on top, finally boss managed, finally. For many, a leadership and management position is a key subject to study start. The concrete craft stuff for a successful leader, however, is rarely the subject of study or training. The experiences usually come with the task. The book From the student for the successful leadership of […]

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Ebook-tip of the week: Strategic performance potential

The digital management of library Management, specifically, covers the most important economic issues of our time and provides the correct answer. The E-Books of this new series will address such topics in a compact and understandable. Well-known authors to bring precise solutions, without sacrificing in-depth Knowledge and high quality. Each week we have a new […]

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