Daily Archives: 2018-09-30

book project with the media jump

The Start is done. A economic non-fiction book, the author writes two years of blog posts on the financial crisis in Europe, not there yet. The first posts are now published. Europe in a stranglehold by Gerald Pilz Here is an Overview of the contents of the book: Prologue: Athens is burning! The new world […]

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Ebook-tip of the week: practice the strategic goal of education

The digital management of library Management, specifically, covers the most important economic issues of our time and provides the correct answer. The E-Books of this new series will address such topics in a compact and understandable. Well-known authors to bring precise solutions, without sacrificing in-depth Knowledge and high quality. Each week we have a new […]

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substance decides the

Is a lot in the past few years about substance value of investments is written and has been said to be. These include, in addition to real estate, plots of land (in good location) also shares , and of course, Gold. But what is to build an Investor in his own Portfolio? Or makes it […]

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